An Awakening of the Heart

by Marty L Ward on February 27, 2013

   Vulnerable and open,

the feelings we fear the most,

allows for such richness and depth in life.


An Awakening of the Heart

Something happened
I’m not sure what.
A feeling of love
and compassion
that touched me deep.

An Awakening of
the heart
Warmth of sadness
as connection was
triggered by loss.

Friends reunited
only to be severed
by time and distance
Moving on to new places
Loss and gain.

Now awakened can’t go back to shuttered in.
Some tiny heart space reached
craves more now.
Once shut from fear
of triggering
Not Good Enough and Deep Shame
Now negotiating
its way to flame
the warmth
to ignition
and desire for more.

Ah – the wonders of Life
to use irritation to
create a pearl in the oyster
Diamond in the coal
Shame and Not Good Enough
into valuable and contributing
Loss into connection
Friendship doesn’t matter into
abiding love and connection.

A moment –
An awakening
A Revelation.
Thank you, Friend

Marty L Ward Feb 23, 2013

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