Success Stories

by Marty L Ward

~Scott and Lori of Seagal Solutions‬

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"Before I met Marty, I had business and sporting dreams that seemed so unachievable that I was afraid to tell them to anyone. In only one month, Marty not only showed me that I already had all the tools I needed, she helped me create a real vision and strategy for achieving them. Her ability to help me turn my mindset around is incredible. I can now relax and enjoy the journey. I now just wonder how I lived my pre-Marty life for so long. I now shout my plans from the rooftops to win the gold in fencing in Rio the 2016 Olympics and have hundreds of satisfied customers with Silver Ski Tours and have already achieved tangible successes so much faster than I ever thought I could."

~ Sal Bennett, Founder,

~Angela Kelly,

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~Martin A. Greif, President, Privacy Partners, LLC

"I’m so excited for Marty because, at last, she has found a way to do what she is meant to do. I’ve known Marty for many years and her mission statement has always been to be of service to others. She has a heart of gold, and the desire to help others succeed.
Marty is a brilliant business consultant and event coordinator. She has helped me, and many others I’ve been involved with, put together great events and fine tune what we’re doing to increase our exposure, and our success. She is a take-charge person with the vision and experience necessary to get the job done. She comes in and puts the finer touches on my events while I attend to my final duties, and I don’t have to worry or answer a million questions, she just does what needs doing and does it brilliantly.
If you need any help with growing your business or planning an event or just think a little fine tuning my boost your market, give Marty a call. Marty provides the second set of eyes that sees the little details that make all the difference. Marty really cares, she’s like having a temporary partner, and sounding board. For those times when two heads are better than one, Give Marty a call, You will be thrilled with your results."  ~Kim Smith,  Alive and Healthy Cafe
"Marty Ward is an amazing person. I spent just two months coaching with her, and had profound breakthroughs. She had the ability to get the fundamental reasons for my procrastination. Marty has helped me discover so much more about me. Now, I celebrate life and all it has to offer. I'm not afraid anymore to experience more of me. And my business,, has increased by 20%. Marty's "No BS" style is just what the doctor ordered. You will feel liberated and empowered. You don't want to miss her Kiss Procrastination Kick Start Your Business Mastermind or any other program she has to offer!  ~Tina Smith, Marketing Distributor
"Working with Marty has been a turning point in my work. She helped me pinpoint the exact place that was holding me back, and then helped me release it in just 2 conversations.
My business has expanded with double the clients since then, all because I'm no longer sabotaging my own efforts--one foot on the gas and another on the brake--as Marty says!"  ~Lana McAra, Busy Bee Unlimited
"We're going to find more of who you are," is what Marty said to me before our first session. I didn't have an issue with motivation or suffer from procrastination challenges, but rather was struggling with a clear direction and purpose in my life and how to go about facilitating that change. Marty really helped identify the specific steps I needed to take to open up more of myself and my creative side. It was amazing to discover that by making a few (not obvious to me but to her) changes, how this could open up so much more of my talents, abilities, and gifts to impact others. We also focused on how and what I was spending my time on and to strategize on that return of investment. That was most helpful.

As a result of working with Marty, my efficiency has been dramatically enhanced. My business has grown substantially over the last several months from adding new associates to bigger profits. I am forever grateful to Marty for her coaching, mentorship, and guidance to make me more of who I already am. Thank you, Marty!"
"Marty Ward is an exceptional business woman, entrepreneur and enlightened soul. Her new book is absolutely a must if you seek transformation! I have received the benefit of connecting and collaborating with Marty in the past couple of years. Marty, thank you for this gift to free enterprise, spirituality, and transformation you are sharing."  
“I met Marty through a practice session from a class we were both taking. She gave me so many valuable tips and supportive suggestions that I wished I had taped the session. I was so impressed with her laser-focused attention and beneficial guidance, that I decided to hire her as my coach.
After the first session I was able to deal with some past issues that had been bothering me and she helped me find the lesson and the gift in them. Marty was able to cut through the challenges I was facing and show me a clear path as to how to make some important changes in my life. She was able to jump right in and see where I needed help and in her special way guided me through the obstacles to a more supportive place. I am really enjoying working with her.”
~Jeannette Koczela, Founder International Association of Life Coaches
"You are so wonderful. I value the time you spent with me today on the phone. The process really got to the heart of the matter with me. Thank you so much! I did take the time to be with myself and the quiet. Very refreshing."  ~Charlene Montour, Rekki Master, EFT Specialist
“Before I met Marty I was overwhelmed with balancing my job with studying for my CPA Exams.
I couldn’t concentrate on studying for my final exams and didn’t know why I kept procrastinating.  I was very frustrated with myself and stressed out.
But after just my 4 Hour VIP Day with Marty, I could not only focus on one thing at a time and complete things from my “to do list,” but also found time to enjoy things that made me happy!” 
 ~Kristina Lekomtseva, Internet Marketer
~Darien Hill, 
Relationship Marketer, Social Networker, Payment Processing
"I’m happy to sing the praises of Marty Ward’s great ideas. Marty helped me to see ways in which I could increase my potential in my life. I have implemented her awesome ideas and realizing the benefits in my life! I would gladly recommend Marty as a coach/teacher."  
~Jann Rossbach, Health Practitioner
Cyndy was challenged by being overwhelmed with all she had to do - full time masters degree program, full time fashion design teacher, wife, mother, and grandmother. Procrastination was keeping her frustrated by not achieving her goal because she never could carve out enough time to get all her work done and have quality time with her family. Listen in and see how she was feeling about her life after four coaching sessions with Marty.  
"Audio of Cyndy's Success Story"  ~Cyndy H, London Fashion Designer
"Wow, Marty, what a fantastic VIP Day session! I feel like I have answers to questions I didn't even know I had...but which were absolutely creating roadblocks to my business growth. I now know the WHY behind the obstacles I've been struggling to overcome and feel like I've been given a clear path to move forward in my business. It's almost like someone turned the light on and I can finally SEE my path to success. Thank you, Marty, for your brilliant insights and unfailing support!"  ~Tammi Metzler, Writers Associates
"Marty Ward is one of my mentors. Her counsel supported me in regenerating my confidence as a speaker,trainer and coach. With my life renewed, my business is a success once again. Marty has the skills and gifts required to guide you in crafting the experiences you most desire. I recommend her highly as an expert coach.
Please contact me if you want additional details."  ~Daina Gold,
“I started working with Marty when I was told she could “turn procrastination into jet fuel” and she delivered beyond my wildest imagination. She first turned me inside out, and then projected me toward completing projects that had been way behind the back burners for years. Thanks to Marty, I now have several books and/or programs off of the back burner and nearing completion. Additionally, she has been a great resource for multiple business contacts. Thanks, Marty, you are incredible!”    ~Bill Keeton, MD, Author, Inventor

“I finished your book and I want to say thank you for your willingness to share yourself in such a way that I could relate to. It is in the ability to relate that action can take place. Your session on communicating with children came at a perfect time for me as I was able to shift into adult to adult communication with my daughter just prior to her moving to another state. We experienced a much healthier goodbye as a result. I also want to express gratitude for your help to identify my TAG’s. Through your process it not only helped me to see me, it also brought forth my own appreciation of myself. It felt good. Thank you!"                                                           ~Deborah Fitch, Owner What You Love to Do , Cocoa, FL

Australian State Fencing Team

"Marty Ward has helped me in remarkable ways. I've personally grown. My business has grown. My profits have increased. I'm happier and my clients are happier. It's a great way to live! The work she does is absolutely outstanding. She is amazing personable and professional at the same time. There is no topic, issue or question off limit and everything is kept confidential. I've struggled on and off with depression for almost a decade. Now, I feel the lightest and most free that I've felt in years. This newly found energy along with a new love and respect for myself and my business has been one of the most impacting things I've experienced in year. I highly recommend Marty Ward. If you're struggling personally or professionally, if you're stuck, if you're not sure what to do next, reach out to her, it will be one of the best decisions you make." ~Eric Johnson, Social Media Expert

"Before working with Marty, I felt insecure about all that was needed to get the results I was looking in my new insurance company. I wasn’t sure what I had to bring to the table and what my ultimate goal was. This was costing me financially with inconsistent income, worry keeping up at night, and stress in my relationship with my husband.

After my VIP break through session with Marty, I brought in $6,800 in sales in a week. As our work continued, I came to know that I have what it takes to be a success. In fact,  of all the agencies that are a part of We Insure Florida, my agency won the award for the Model Agency of the Year.

I no longer doubt myself or my success. I have a steadily growing business, less drama at home and am making an impact in the lives of others – most importantly, in my daughter who is an aspiring entrepreneur as well. " ~Joanie Tate, Agency Owner-WE Insure Florida
I know who I am. I can calmly handle situations that before would have set me off.

“Since my initial visit with Marty, my life opened up and new opportunities keep showing up. Our work together opened my eyes to how closed off I was and how I was limiting myself. Marty, awakened me to value my talents, abilities and gifts, and that allowed me to think big. I opened up to new possibilities. Since then, I have brought in over 1.5 million in new business. If you want business or personal success, I highly recommend you work with Marty.” ~Viki Hamilton, Financial Advisor 

"I am so happy to have had the pleasure of working with Marty Ward. She has an amazing program that really makes a difference, and her insights are right on. Procrastination and clutter have had me overwhelmed for years. In a matter of weeks, with Marty's help, I have discovered the "me" I had lost. And as a result, my life is taking a complete turn for the best, with me owning my power, my piece of the planet, and my courage to embrace change. As I move forward, decluttering all along the way, I eagerly start the next phase of my life with a move to New Mexico and myriad opportunities to fulfill my dreams! Thank you Marty! You are FABULOUS and I Love You!" ~ Pegatha McKeon, Artist
In 1979 to 1989 I had a multi-million dollar manufacturing business that I built from scratch that was fueled by my creativity and determination. There even was a time in my life that I took my love for horses and  the exhilaration of accomplishments and trained for steeplechase racing. Circumstances and a few poor choices took the wind out of my sails as I had to start all over. Although I was finding my way back, I had lost myself. I had forgotten how capable I am until I met Marty Ward. After my VIP Kick Start Your Business Breakthrough Strategy Session, I was re-ignited, fired up and on track for success. Marty awakened me to remember who I am with all my talents as a top business woman, ability to use my creative, inventive, imaginative ideas, and gift of helping people to feel their best. My doTERRA Oils taking off to point I will soon be able to leave my J.O.B.  I contribute my success to Marty's program. Thank you, Marty." ~Suzy Harbot, Terra Sliver Distributor
"My biggest challenge before working with Marty was not believing in myself and knowing what to do next. My decision to work with Marty was at a women business meeting. She stood up and talked a little about what she does and at the moment, I knew I needed her.
As a result of our VIP Half-Day Strategy Session, I decided to make a Million Dollars in a year. If I hadn’t made that commitment to myself, I would still be doing the every day nothing and not taken my business to the next level that it needed to be. I would still be in the same spot I was two years ago - just a small no-body-knows-about-business.

Since then, I have put my pedal to the metal and moved into a whole different direction with this business. After I had made my commitment to myself and the business, I have felt so much better about myself and what needs to be done.
If you feel that your business needs a boost or feed back on how to move forward into the next level, you need Marty. She will help you put your business into the next level and allowing good things to happen. I just know if it were not for Marty, and all the information she has given to help me live my dream, I would not be doing a infomercial for my product. Now, I am doing things I never thought were possible. By just committing to myself, I never thought what an impact this would make on my life."  
~Sherry Samuelson, Inventor, CEO of Fun Stixs Garage Door Decorations